About Us

This is my story

M.Beloved (a.k.a Maria Akande) is a God-fearing worshipper set out to glorify God as long as she lives. She is based in the UK but of African descent (Nigeria). Her uttermost desire is to please the Father in all her ways.

M.Beloved is the founder of TWFG Ministry (True Worshippers for God) which was founded in 2008 from a vision received in 2007. Over the years, she has made it her duty to lift up the name of the Lord with all diligence – honouring God alone. Often described as ‘THE WORSHIPPER’ as Worship is a very important part of her very existence.

She is part of a family of 4 and the second child. Music has always been her love and after her re-dedication to Christ at the age of 21, she has desired more and more of God, never wanting to be like others but being totally transformed and set apart for God’s glory.

In November 2014, M.Beloved had a near-death experience which completely transformed her life for good. She saw herself in heaven before God the father and was asked a question that seemed simple but complicated “WHAT IS FOOD TO YOU”. She replied saying WORSHIP and this simply defines M.Beloved. Worship is that place where you lose yourself and totally submit/surrender to God Almighty giving Him the reverence due Him. She was reminded that her purpose was to give God her everything and enter His Rest.

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Where We like To Be

  • Praise & Worship
  • Live concerts
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conference
  • Church services
  • Christian events
  • Christian gatherings
  • Church events
  • Campus fellowship events

The Group

We operate in love towards one another and that's not just because Bible says so, but because we know that everyone needs to be loved and cherished. We value each other and that's the bedrock of successful teams

Become a Member

Our vision is to build a large group of people who will take the lead in praising and worshiping God the Almighty irrespective of race, color and skills. We believe everyone can partake in this art. So, get up and get on the boat.

Group Fitness

We always gather for prayers, fasting, workshop and seminars organized by us or some other christian groups. This is to refill ourselves with what is needed to stay on the track and move forward at all times while remaining fit for the tasks ahead.