April 2019

Give No Attention To The Noise!

Greetings to you my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. Have you looked at the creation of God Almighty today?please do! The sky,flowers, sea and creatures are all perfect? Without no help from man, morning and evening comes just like that! If that is the only evidence you have of your God’s might and power, wouldn’t that be enough? All is obeying His command! Why not you? Why do you give in to the worries and noise of this [...]

Work Out Your Own Salvation!

Greetings to you my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. For Christ died so that you will live. It is important you give Him the reverence and honour due Him. Praise Him! Ever wondered why the scripture says ” Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”. Well I have! I believe it is because no one is perfect yet BUT work in progress therefore how can you judge others? Why don’t you leave the judging unto God [...]

March 2019

The Act Of Deception

Greetings to you my family in Christ Jesus. For the devil is the father of deception and many times we find ourselves leaning towards deception when we embrace self rather than the new wine. . For you cannot pour new wine into old wine skin, it would destroy the batch completely. Are you truly transformed? Please note that the act of spiritual transformation starts from your mind. In Christ, the old is history and the new is birthed. . Quit beating [...]

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Greetings to you my blessed Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. Today has come and you are a part of it, give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercies endureth forever. I received an unexpected gift today which came in the form of a parking fine. Oh, I was destabilized when I received it until that swift small voice said “do not let it affect your day”. I decided to let it go and to my [...]

Confidence In Christ 

Greetings to you my family in Christ Jesus. Again, we have been gifted the grace to see a new day. All the glory belongs to God Most High. I woke up today feeling exhausted and downcast then I looked up to Jesus asking for strength to remain hopeful. Suddenly, He gave me assurance that He will never leave me nor forsake. He gave me my own experience which strengthened me. He assured me that I can have full confidence in [...]

Joy Unspeakable

Greetings to you my blessed family in Christ Jesus. For Jesus is the joy within. Dig deep and find that joy that provideth strength. He is your strength, a strength like no other! Jesus, We call on you today to grant us the grace to truly live a joyous life regardless of the storm we go through. Living a life pleasing must be our uttermost desire. Not to please man but to please Him alone . For the Lord has called [...]

Even When You Don’t Feel Like It, Keep Trusting

Greetings to you my blessed family in Christ Jesus. Even though we would love to experience good times all the time, I am afraid to say that isn’t the truth. For we will experience good days and not so good days but through it all, we must try our very best to remain hopeful. The bible says ” Rejoice I say Rejoice “. How easy is it to rejoice when all hope is lost and the situation at hand is [...]

Spot The Distraction And Resist It

Greetings to you Family in Christ Jesus. You see the truth is that We are on in Christ Jesus. He is the True vine and we are the branches. So i ask you this day, what fruits do you produce? Reflect on this! Distraction kills! Distraction terminates! Distraction steals! Distraction is the enemy For you to truly resist the devil as stated in James 4:7, you must understand who the enemy is.The time to see is now! In this era, distraction is everywhere. Look around [...]

Dare To Stand Out Of The Crowd .

In the midst of the multitude, your light shines so bright. You are unique and precious to God. Your life matters! Your existence matters ! Don’t you ever feel irrelevant or feel like a waste of space because it is another lie of the enemy. . I don’t know what sins you have committed or are currently committing but one thing I know without an aota of doubt is that if you confess your sins and surrender to God, all [...]

Lost Time

Greetings to you my beloved family in Christ Jesus. It is important you ensure your time is used adequately for God’s glory. How have you spent your day so far? Has it been productive? And by whose standard? God or yours? Meditate on these and ask the Holyspirit to open your eyes to the truth. . I started my day well but ended up wasting precious time which can never be recovered. This drained me physically and produced nothing rewarding other [...]