April 2019

The Long Overdue Rest!

Greetings to you my family in Christ Jesus. This is the day the Lord has made and you will rejoice and be glad in it. Hallelujah!!! For He has given you life in abundance so Give thanks to Him! Having done all, now rest in Him! You cannot work so hard and avoid rest. Many times you feel the resting period is a sign of laziness but it isn’t. When the tide blows strongly, rest! When you have done it [...]

Divine Instruction!

Greetings to you my family in Christ Jesus. What is the Lord saying to you this very day? If you hear him, go and do all you’ve been commanded to do. . Many of my children do not know my voice or hear me. Yet they claim to know me. Why have you gone so far from me saith the Lord of Heavenly Hosts? I am ready to restore all that has been stolen from you, if you will yield [...]

The Ropes of Life

Greeting to you my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. A great day has come and you have been blessed to witness it therefore quit complaining and start praising the Lord God Almighty. Many times we allow problems control our day and that isn’t right. The bible says “Rejoice at all times” so why then are you troubled! Are you in a right mess, praying for a way out? Just ask the Lord for help and He will make [...]


Greetings to you my blessed family in Christ Jesus. Are you able to detect the season you have entered into? Many will be left behind because of their lack of spiritual awareness and deafness. You wouldn’t be one in Jesus mighty name amen. So I agree with you this day, that your spiritual senses be awakened to truly know! Are you one who makes new year resolutions and plans based on the word received from the pulpit? When the pastor [...]

Who Do You Say You Are?

Great greetings from the throne room of grace . For you are alive and well today because of Grace. Mercy spoke for you therefore all the praises belongs to Jesus who sacrificed himself so that you enjoy life everlasting. Hallelujah!!! How has your week been so far? As for me, I can say it’s been simply amazing! Thanks to the deeper heights I am gaining in God’s word. For we must endeavour to study and meditate not for ourselves [...]


Greetings to you my blessed family in Christ Jesus. What declarations do you make over your life? It’s time to speak the word over your life. What does the bible say? What idols have you made in your hearts? . Many are under the umbrella of Christianity but don’t know anything about Jesus Christ. All they receive for food is the Word preached by their pastors. They don’t meditate or ponder upon God’s word. Have you ever reflected on the [...]

Who Do You Call Upon?

Blessed greetings to you all . I hope and pray you are all doing great. Have you seen the Lord’s goodness in your life? Testify to those around! Share and keep spreading your experience! A songwriter wrote: I will not be silent, I will always worship you. As long as I am breathing, I will always worship you. Here’s my worship, all of my worship, receive my worship all of my worship. Hallelujah!!!!! . For His eyes were fixed on God [...]

What Have You Allowed In?

Many times we create gaps or cracks in the waĺl by giving in to the devices and strategies of the devil. What have you allowed into your heart this season that has formed a crack leaving you open for attack? Greetings to you my blessed family in Christ Jesus. We are here because it was written to be therefore REJOICE! Whoever told you it’s all down to your power and strength lied to you. For you can do nothing RIGHT [...]

Come Out From Amongst Them!

For how long will you spend with those in darkness? You see that their ways are displeasing to God but hang around them for the wrong kind of attention. What is it you lack saith the Lord of Heavenly Hosts? Shouldn’t you run far from them so you would not be enticed or deceived by them? This is another warning “Flee from their midst otherwise you will be initiated by the dark world”☝️ . . How do you know you are with [...]

What Work Has He Given You To Do?

You go about doing the job which is meaningless but let go of the work you’ve been given to do by God. Infact you hide under the umbrella of uncertainty about your calling. You say, I don’t know why I am here! I don’t hear God! Now, let me take you on a journey family. For years I lived for one reason which was wealth. Yes, I had given my life to Christ but my ultimate priority was to make money [...]