Greetings to you my blessed family in Christ Jesus. What declarations do you make over your life? It’s time to speak the word over your life. What does the bible say? What idols have you made in your hearts? .

Many are under the umbrella of Christianity but don’t know anything about Jesus Christ. All they receive for food is the Word preached by their pastors. They don’t meditate or ponder upon God’s word. Have you ever reflected on the messages heard? Do you act on the instructions given? For We cannot be hearers only but doers of the Word.

You have a duty to know the Word because it is the weapon for your freedom. You must know the Word which is the sword of the Spirit. Quit hiding under the canopy of infancy, for you must grow into maturity and start doing what the Lord has commanded. The time is NOW! How many hours in the day do you dedicate to the Lord God Almighty?

For the Bible doesn’t condone laziness meaning you have a job to do if you want to truly please the Father. Reading the complete bible isn’t it or following study plans thoughtlessly. You must adopt the lifestyle of spending quality time in God’s presence and meditating on God’s Word according to the leading of the Holyspirit. Yes! You must ask the Spirit what to do, where to study and ask for grace to understand.

Now declare over your life today ” I will live a life pleasing unto the Lord , meditating on His Word day and night. The Word of the Lord shall not depart from my mouth. I am an overcomer, yes I am!

Have a blessed and spirit filled day

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