Divine Instruction!

Greetings to you my family in Christ Jesus. What is the Lord saying to you this very day? If you hear him, go and do all you’ve been commanded to do. .

Many of my children do not know my voice or hear me. Yet they claim to know me. Why have you gone so far from me saith the Lord of Heavenly Hosts? I am ready to restore all that has been stolen from you, if you will yield and return to me as instructed. Don’t you know that there is a fixed date and time assigned to the instructions given. If you truly want to be obedient to me, you must move at my say so not yours! You must truly commit your all to me saith the Lord of mighty hands.

Yes, my hand is upon you and I have made you for my very purpose. Now, yield to my voice this day and go about the business I have given you to do. Stop putting me at the back burner. Run ahead now and begin to do all i have given to you to do. You ask whether this word is for you and yes, it is! It is not a mistake or coincidence for only those I have chosen will read this message today and execute the tasks as translated by the Holyspirit.

It’s better to Trust in the Lord than to put your confidence in men therefore quit running to men first instead allow me lead and direct your very steps from this day forward. You can no longer live this life they way you desire but you must conform to my ways to be truly approved of me saith the Lord of mighty hands. .

For my outstretched hands are mightily held above you this day reaching out to every hidden corner and healing every wound, saving you from all your worries, troubles and distress. Trust me again! Draw closer saith the Lord of Heavenly Hosts.
Have a blessed day meditating on these words.

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