What Have You Allowed In?

Many times we create gaps or cracks in the waĺl by giving in to the devices and strategies of the devil. What have you allowed into your heart this season that has formed a crack leaving you open for attack?

Greetings to you my blessed family in Christ Jesus. We are here because it was written to be therefore REJOICE! Whoever told you it’s all down to your power and strength lied to you. For you can do nothing RIGHT using your own power or strength. To be RIGHT by God is key!

Yes, We start our day feeling so positive until something or someone triggers our hearts. Did someone offend you today? Were you wrongly accused? Have you been stabbed by your closest friend? Abused or cheated on? Frustrated? The list goes on…. You see, that is all part of the war We are fighting. For there’s a battle against the flesh and the Spirit. We must not conform to the ways of the world but be transformed by the renewal of our minds which is through the help of the Holyspirit so quit judging yourself instead jump on the right lane and allow the Holyspirit defend you. For victory is guaranteed when He steps in!

Choose to forgive those that have wrongfully judged or offended you, just do it! For obedience is better than sacrifice! You are a chosen generation set apart for signs and wonders. Through you shall many see the light and be saved because you are LIGHT therefore no crack/gap must be found in you. For the crack hinders the light causing confusion and total damnation. .

I ask that you ponder on this today! For no one can go to the Father but through Jesus . You must be pure and blameless to remain in Him. For you are secure in the HOLY TRINITY and that’s the foundation of your victory.

Hallelujah!!!!! Have a blessed and peaceful day
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