Who Do You Call Upon?

Blessed greetings to you all . I hope and pray you are all doing great. Have you seen the Lord’s goodness in your life? Testify to those around! Share and keep spreading your experience!

A songwriter wrote: I will not be silent, I will always worship you. As long as I am breathing, I will always worship you. Here’s my worship, all of my worship, receive my worship all of my worship. Hallelujah!!!!! .

For His eyes were fixed on God when He wrote this song. You that sing it, are your eyes fixed on Jesus or your problems? Total surrender is required to truly dwell under Jesus. You cannot be 50% in and 50%out. You must give your total and undivided attention to the great I am if you truly belong to Him. .

For the call is deep and has been ringing for so long! Do you hear it! If you know you cannot control your thoughts, shouldn’t you spend less time on social media or whatever steals your time? You need to spot your weaknesses and ask God for grace to overpower all. You must succeed! Discipline is vital for the salvation work! You cannot say you love God then spend 90% on TV and social media then 5% on Him and 5% on other matters. No you can’t!

Submission is required!
Are you in or out? For the ship is about to sail off. Only those who are pure and blameless can come onboard! Are you?
Seek the Lord NOW! And ask for mercy. CALL ON HIM NOW AND ASK FOR HELP!

Have a blessed and spirit filled day
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