Who Do You Say You Are?

Great greetings from the throne room of grace . For you are alive and well today because of Grace. Mercy spoke for you therefore all the praises belongs to Jesus who sacrificed himself so that you enjoy life everlasting. Hallelujah!!! How has your week been so far? As for me, I can say it’s been simply amazing! Thanks to the deeper heights I am gaining in God’s word. For we must endeavour to study and meditate not for ourselves alone but so that we have great depth of understanding for the benefit of the Kingdom. Our mandate is to go out , spread the word and make disciples of men. For by their fruits you shall know them! God is watching!

Who do you say that you are?
Who do you think you are?

Knowledge of your identity is key in the walk with God. You cannot say you are a believer but not know who you are. Who you are, must be defined by the help of the Holyspirit not you or man. How can you simply know who you are without asking the creator who made you with a definite purpose in mind? How!

A response such as : “I am beautifully and Wonderfully made” just isn’t enough. You must dig deeper to know who you truly are in Christ Jesus and that knowledge can only come from the Holyspirit. Ask and ye shall receive! It’s time to know God for yourself! You must truly know God meaning you must keep studying His Word and meditating on it. You must commune with Him and learn to wait in the place of stillness for a response. You can’t be in a hurry with God or command Him to move at your say so…NO! YOU MUST WAIT ON HIM AND HE WILL SPEAK WHEN IT PLEASES HIM!

The time is NOW to go deeper for a deeper revelation and knowledge of who you are. For when you find Him, you find you. For you are embedded in Him! People’s perception, definition and understanding of who you are, is far from the truth. To know the truth, you must truly dig deeper! Ask and ye shall receive!
Have a blessed day

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